Welcome to JPS Holidays
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‘The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page’-St.Augustine

This famous line by St. Augustine decades back, has been the mantra for travel connoisseurs. Hence, travelling is not a new fad in the market. It is something which is ingrained into the blood of human race from time immemorial. This has aided in evolution of our existence over time and extending horizon.

JPSHolidays , a wing of the much acclaimed Banerjee Advisory Pvt. Ltd celebrates the above emotion with must zest.

BAPL has ventured into this domain with much gusto in 2017, with a franchise of Cox and Kings Ltd. After being operational for a span of 2 years with much prominence, it has been perceived that time has come to form a separate entity for our travel segment, also BAPL is authorized franchisee of” yatra.com” located at Jadavpur.

With this in mind, JPS Holidays was launched in 2020. We have curated exceptional travel plans, for all seasons and to cater the needs of our customers. We encourage customized tours where you can personally enjoy amongst the lap of nature or buzzing city life, at a very fare cost and minimum interference. We understand the psyche of our customer’s so we plan out the tour in a way wherein our guests can enjoy hassle free. We believe in creating memories which will etch in the minds of our customers.

With the world slowing returning to normalcy after the pandemic, we are also into full swing to fulfill the travel necessities of our voyagers. We envisage that the world is a beautiful lake and we are swimmers who need to savor its beauty throughout our life.

So, it is time to buckle up and unmask the ‘wander lust’ within you. ‘JPS Holidays’ is always a call away.